Wasting Away A Sunday

Lots of JunkYikes, we had big plans for getting stuff done around the house today. Hubby even got up early and made waffles. What a guy!

Then he found this stupid show on the History Channel, American Pickers. Gosh Darn it, we’ve already watched a few episodes. Another one started up and I told hubby we were screwed if this dang show was on all day. Checked the guide and it’s only on for another 3 hours. OH NO, it’s a damn marathon. I guess I’m the only one in the family that hasn’t seen it.

But I swear this is so many people in my families old houses that it’s cracking me up. If they went through a lot of the stuff at my parents house they’d find rusty gold.

So now I’m moving to all my blogs and getting posts up. I won’t be cleaning the house until after lunch obviously so I better get some work done online while I sit here. The plan was to not be online, but that’s not happening. Better run with the alternative. Especially since we’ll be back on the History Channel again tonight to watch the first episode of America. I think hubby may be hoping the clouds move in so he has an excuse not to mow.

Crap, now flipping he just found the Sounders game. It’s a tv/couch day for sure.