Rough Start to My Day

Well, it started with a client that was a no show, but I put that time to good use.  I was ticked, but I finished up the rest of the laundry and did the dishes.  Got a start to my emails.  All while still getting paid for that session since they didn’t give me 24 hour cancel notice.  I’m pretty lenient about that, but not contacting me at all means your charged for sure.  Especially when I get up early for it.

Then it was off to my seniors fitness class and I knew something was up when more people than normal were there before I opened the doors and were out of their cars talking to each other.  Actually, I knew something was going to be up over the weekend.  One of my seniors passed away unexpectedly.  She’d been sick and they couldn’t find what was wrong.  She only lived another day or two after they figured out her body was filled with cancer.

Her grand-daughter is an actress and I watched 3 movies last week that she was in.  I watched 2 in a row on the lifetime channel on Sat.  I knew that was a sign because I did know she’d been sick and was still in the hospital.  I never watch lifetime and what are the odds of just happening to catch two in a row with her in it?  Those aren’t odds, they were a sign.  Thankfully signs don’t freak me out.

It’s hard to think she won’t be at class anymore.  She was a very fit woman in her mid 80’s.  I’ll remember how she looked at her long time husband as she brought him to class when she first started so that she could get out of the house and visit and exercise.  She loved him so much.  I’ll remember the worry I had after he passed and she didn’t look like she was caring for herself enough.  Then I’ll remember the sparkle when she found another great man and then showed us the ring.

She was a very cool and amazing woman and I will miss her.  I can’t imagine how much her family will as well.  I’ll look forward to telling them how special I think she was when I attend her memorial.