Personal Blogs are Rough

It’s obvious I’m having a hard time with my personal blog. It’s being sadly ignored isn’t she? :( It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, some in my life…ok many…would say that’s the miracle they’ve been waiting for. lmao

It’s because I have to think before I post anything. This blog gets quite a bit of traffic now. It’s easy for locals to find, it’s not like I’ve ever been hiding here. The blog name is my username on just about every forum and is my facebook page for goodness sake. But now I feel the need to be careful what I share.

A big thing is I don’t want the kids to be embarrassed. Not like I embarrass them everyday, but I mean truly embarrassed by someone reading something that is about them. My kids are a teen and tween, we are going through some major changes here. Things I’ve wanted to blog about so many times. But thankfully I haven’t. How pissed did I get when my Mom told the town everything about me growing up? Let alone if she’d blogged it to the whole fucking world? Yeah, I’m sensitive to how it could be read.

So alas, that means I have to censor some things and I’m just having a little bit of problem trying to do that since this blog was created so I don’t have to censor anything. I’ll work through it, it just could take me some time and toss me in a new direction here for a little bit. Maybe I need to do more movie reviews? Those are safe 😉