Goodbye Wellbutrin

Well no one can say I didn’t give it a good shot. Frankly I’m surprised it was the one prescribed to me after I finally figured out what was causing my issues.

I had a tremor so bad I would still spill my water glass when holding with two hands. I felt really stupid. The tremor even went so much as a facial tick and if I didn’t pay attention I could feel my teeth chatter slightly. Not cool and it didn’t show up until around 8 weeks into the drug.

Then after researching the side effect I read the pamphlet and saw that it can cause short term memory issues which was my problem with not being able to complete sentences very quickly if at all. And the reason I can’t believe I was prescribed it is it causes sleeplessness. WHAT?!

I was supposed to be getting off the ambien and only taking it when needed. Well when I’ve taken the wellbutrin no matter how early in the day then of course I have to take the sleep aid to get to sleep at all. Cycle of upper-downer. Jeesh

So I’m not really taking either now. I kind of slowly weaned off the wellbutrin, but not as slow as I’m sure I should have. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I haven’t used one of the ambien’s in a few days either now.

I’m going to look into some more natural alternatives for the mood issues. I told her I wasn’t interested in trying something different. I will keep the ambien prescription for now and use it here and there. But I also know I’ll be tired and hit sleep when it happens. I’m working on creating some better habits.