Get The Kids Jumping

One of the activities we all looked forward to during lunch recess or PE was going outside and jumping rope. Engaging in double-dutch rope jumping was the best and most fun activity some enjoyed. Not by me, however, I’ve never even tried to get that crazy. It’s still an activity that kids enjoy.

While the benefits of jumping rope are numerous, it does play a vital role in keeping kids’ hearts healthy. Even adults who utilize jumping rope find the cardiovascular workout to be even more effective than running or walking. While some of us had a problem trying to jump in to the spinning ropes, kids seem more adept at establishing their foot, hand, and eye coordination at an early age.

Jumping rope is not only great for the heart, but helps in losing or maintaining weight as well. Even single rope jumping is an intense workout. While some kids may not be as coordinated as Rocky, there are wonderful videos available for exercises that can teach anyone how to add new techniques to jumping rope.

As mentioned earlier, jumping rope is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. In addition, the workout utilizes all of the muscles in the body. For kids jumping rope, it is a necessary ingredient in building strong bones, which is important to them as they grow older.

While jumping rope in our day was a fun way to release pent-up energy, it has become an art form today for kids. With all of the maneuvers and techniques used, it’s a great way to maintain a healthy heart, increase energy, and keep the body physically fit.

Instead of watching TV or playing video games, encourage your kids to jump rope. If you excelled in this activity, perhaps you can teach your kids a few tricks as well.