Wellbutrin Day 1

Told you there would probably be multiple posts going on for a bit. Yeah, this is the second part of treatment. Finally admitting and doing something about my emotional feelings. As I believe I wrote in my post this morning, I really hate drugs. I have control issues and drugs take all control … [Read more...]

Ambien Night One

I had a great doctor's appointment yesterday and we're on the way for some treatments. One of the first one's is my sleep issues. Unfortunately, one of my sleep issues is I want to stay up and get more work done. But I've always been prone to insomnia so it's well past time to fix things. She … [Read more...]

Healing with Social Networking

Wow, who'd a thunk this post would happen? Grab your fav drink depending what time of day and night you are reading this and sit in for a bit, it could be a long one. I'm having a horrible week. A truly horrible last 10 days and counting actually. It's not all been bad, I did get a date night … [Read more...]

Road of Healing

It's been difficult to get a post together for the healing. Not because I don't want to talk about it, but because it's not easy for me to pinpoint when I've crossed another bridge. It just happens and life gets a little lighter. The biggest and most difficult is still coming to terms with the … [Read more...]

Dad’s Dream

Well, I'll get into my Dad's dream that kept him alive in this post. I'll try to keep it shorter, but ya know how I ramble at time. My Dad was in Vietnam. He'd had a recurring dream where he bled to death because he had no tourniquet. The dream was so vivid and happened so many times that he … [Read more...]

Native Healers

Chrissy reminded me of something when she said "Your like that person, that keeps you on the right track, like a work out buddy LOL. Thank you!" on my Start Healing post. I've had a theory but I haven't researched it much. I do believe that we all have a calling and it's whether or not we … [Read more...]