Some Prescription Drugs Should be Illegal

Well I now can say I truly understand what everyone is saying about pharmaceutical companies. I mean, I was never on their side, don't get me wrong. But I'd never been given a prescription before that was obviously so bad for me. Now on my doc's side, she is truly trying to help me with my … [Read more...]

From Ambien to Lunesta

Well it was obvious that something wasn't working right with the ambien cause I wasn't sleeping through the night very well and it would take at least an hour for me to fall asleep still. So she switched me to lunesta last week. I got the script for it on Tuesday night, but then after reading all … [Read more...]

Ambien Night 4?

Is it night 4? I can't keep track now and I'm too lazy this Sunday morning to go look it up. I'll be calling the doc on Tuesday. I did like my friend said and I took it well before I was off to bed. Then stayed up and watched some Olympics with hubby for 30-45 minutes. I did crash as soon as … [Read more...]

Ambien Night 3

I will keep an eye on my caffeine today and see if that is any cause of my sleeplessness. This stuff is helping me get to sleep ok as long as I lay down and relax. BUT, I woke up at least 3 times last night. So somethings not right. I have the rest of the long weekend to figure out what could be … [Read more...]