Bodybuilding Benefits for Women

dumbbellWhile men engage in bodybuilding to strengthen and increase muscle mass, women generally seek to shape and tone their bodies using particular exercise routines.  Also, the notion that you will become a female version of the “Incredible Hulk” is a myth.

Why Women Should Add Bodybuilding to Their Exercise Routines

The areas of concern for some women may be the legs, chest, back, abdominal area, shoulders, or forearms.  In addition, weights should used to enhance the effects of resistance training as well. To change things up so you see better results.

Here are some recommendations from women who have trained in bodybuilding:

  • Learn the proper technique from a professional or gym instructor.
  • A 30-45 minute workout is recommended.
  • Exercises beginning with the lower body, middle, and upper body are advisable.
  • Sets of up to 12 repetitions repeated three times, with rests in between each set.
  • Two days a week of strength training.
  • Begin slowly with weights or bands.
  • Add resistance training to your routine.
  • Stretching before and after exercising.
  • Let your body tell you when you’re tired or in pain, then stop.
  • A good routine leaves your muscles burning and tired at the end of a routine.
  • Include a proper diet regimen.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Workout is preferable in the morning or afternoon.

There are those who contend that while you can burn fat using weights, it is a slow process.  They also believe that while using weights during lower body workouts does contribute to burning fat, the fact is you would have to do an entire routine such as using a circuit of exercise equipment in order to achieve the effect.   Therefore, they strongly suggest exercising the entire body for maximum results, such as: walking, jogging, or cardiovascular routines.

You should always be doing a cardio workout as this is about improving overall health, not just toning up. Building muscle improves your metabolism. Your muscle will burn more calories all day and night, fat cells don’t burn anything.

Women who are in the sport of bodybuilding develop high definition and muscles through increased workouts along with supplementation.   For most women today, however, who simply wish to shape and tone their bodies, the above recommendations will sufficiently achieve your goals.


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    I meet so many women who are scared to add bodybuilding to their fitness regimen. Glad you’re out there busting the myths and suggesting a well-rounded approach!