5 Steps to Shrink the Fat

So many people feel a sense of hopelessness when it comes to obesity. It brings us close to despair, and added to the fact that most diet regimes fall flat, it becomes more like a never ending battle. But there is a relief and there is a ton of hope. Followed properly, there are many ways of losing fat easily. We are talking of losing fat; we aren’t talking about a miracle weight loss overnight kind of diet. The Atkins diet, a fat diet or even those pre-packaged programs sometimes go a long way in making you weaker and feeling more irritable and nauseous. Let alone that you have no control of what you are doing or eating. It is because they affect metabolic reverses and don’t change habits.

Changing the habits is where the real action takes place. It’s when the fat will go off and stay off. But it also takes longer to see your goal. WHICH means, you have a better chance of staying at that goal.

There are many easy methods by which you can lose fat and keep it off:

1) 5-6 meals a day. Make 1 or 2 of them snack size. The body feels that you are going through a famine phase and increases fat storage in its tissues if you go too long without eating. This causes more unwanted fat to be stored. Sticking to a five meal plan helps you with losing weight as it keeps your metabolism at an even keel.

2) Proper exercise to increase metabolism is vital. Exercising, especially weight training, allows you to burn more calories even at rest.

3) Structured diets are a scientifically created formula catering to the different necessities of different metabolisms. There are thousands of such varieties, fiber-rich and balanced. Such diets can generate the metabolic rate to shoot-up within the body and readies your metabolism to fight against shedding weight. No two bodies react exactly the same to foods but the general diet plans are always the perfect place to start and make slight modifications as needed.

4) Raw and natural food is always better than processed foods. Taking in nutritional diets like fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and pastas goes a long way in getting your metabolism into a frenzy.

5) While still living in obesity, it becomes increasingly difficult to find hope around you. It is so easy to get discouraged and important to keep yourself motivated. There is no better way to do so than giving yourself some reward once you get through a small chunk of weight loss. Weight loss regimes should have some predefined parameters and goals, and these should be specific and small. They then have then a better chance of materializing. DO NOT REWARD WITH FOOD. I go in 10 pound increments, first was a pedicure, then a spa facial.

I’m aware that the right supplements can help you along the way. We’re firm believers in the advocare system and diet plan at the Selby house. Contact me with any questions on how to customize it to your dietary needs. Since I have so many food issues I can help you a lot. lol