2 Nights No Ambien

Let me tell you, my sleep has been crap. I’ve been in that wake/sleep state for most of the night and a decent amount of tossing and turning. Plus stayed up until at least 11 both nights. Tonight looks to be no different, but darn it, I haven’t done much personal blogging lately and I just need to.

I’m thinking my body could be trying to adapt to no sleep aid and that funky sleep it’s put me in for the last couple of months. But we’ll see. I’m going to try not to take it for a while. Hubby is on vacation for spring break and I generally sleep better when he’s home.

It’s been a very long day of traveling and visiting with family. But here I am at 10:30pm hitting my blogs and off to comment on others. My daughter says she has to stay up until midnight to text her best friend happy birthday. lol I just put in one of my classics Resident Evil: Apocalypse (yes, it’s an affiliate link). But I just may get up and switch it out for Extinction. Yes, the beauty of being a movie junky is some nights I can’t figure out which one of my favorites to watch.

I need to go comment on some of my favorite blogs before I fall over on the couch. I’m already getting pretty slumped down.