Pissy, Cranky and WTF?

Here's the thing. My emotions have been sending me to cry recently. Thank you menopause shit. I've been a-ok with my anger and other emotions, just can't control alligator tears. But I guess fb wants to test me. Cause the last few days everyone is posting nothing but fucking whiny ass news. … [Read more...]

Vacation TIME!

It's time for our annual camping trip with our friends. We're loading that with a trip to the mountains. Life changed things and the boy is being drug off to the whole thing with us. Hey, better to learn this is how life works right? I can't wait to get away. After the day I had yesterday, I … [Read more...]

Race Training

It's time to get myself motivated. Last time signing up for a half marathon did it. Just signed up for a 10k on August 2nd.  6 weeks should be plenty of time to train. I mean, I started running again yesterday :) Honestly, it's the right amount of time. Yesterday was indeed my first day back … [Read more...]

Sleep Study Bullshit

Tons of build up here, are you ready for the drama first? If you don't know, I had a hysterectomy on Dec. 6, 2013. Forever date stuck in my brain. That night I hate horrible shitty nurses. Before shift change I had great one's and for the morning shift change I had some more good one's. But the … [Read more...]

Susie’s Savory Garlic Chicken

My friend Susie is a time management guru. In fact, you may have seen my post about the book she wrote Absolutely! Creating a Routine to Help You Keep Your Sanity in a Crazy World: Simple Steps to De-Stress and Organize Your Time? While the book is no longer free, it's super affordable. Easy … [Read more...]

Free Blogging Bundle for Moms

Just a quick message. Blogelina is giving away a huge  bundle of free blogging tools and resources.   Lots of great reading for the new or experienced blogger. Go grab it quick while it's free! I love her blog and she's the one that did my blog makeover ;) … [Read more...]

Using Anger To Push Productivity

Last weekend I was hit with a blow that hurt but I worked through it. Not necessarily the healthiest way, there was a lot of wine involved, but I moved past. It got me to look really hard and evaluate what I can and can't change. It got me to look at what I want and my feelings. That in turn … [Read more...]

It’s May, How’d That Happen?

Holy Hell, I can't believe it's May. This year has made me lose my mind. I'm done dealing with new new issues from the hysterectomy. I'm done being fat. I'm done having no energy, no will-power and no focus. The hysterectomy was supposed to be the fix-all for me. And it was...for those … [Read more...]

Destress and Organization Book

I'm throwing this up quick. A friend just finished her book and she's having a party. Chat with her on The Busy Woman facebook page for all sorts of great free stuff from 10-noon PST today (4/15). Most important, Susie will be there to answer your organization questions. 2 free planner … [Read more...]


CommentFest? WTH right? I'm looking for other Mom bloggers to visit. The best way to do that is to join a challenge. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten exactly what I was looking for out of the few I've done. Which means...do it myself! Yep, Dad said you can't complain about something if you aren't … [Read more...]