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Pitch Perfect 2

  I’m so happy to know I’m not the only total dork that loves this movie. Hilarious thing is Pitch Perfect is NOT my kind of movie. I didn’t watch it for many months after owning it. I bought it for my daughter because I knew she loved it. Then one night I watched it […]

Seattle Seahawks, Holy Shit!

O-M-G!!! Here’s the deal and I want to confess first thing. I’ve lived her all my life. I’m not a first round Hawks fan. I mean really, they’ve played like shit too many years and I grew up during the years of hard ass teams. My first love is Raiders, second is Bears. Then there […]

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Leftovers On Purpose

Even though I love to cook, there are plenty of times I just don’t have the energy. I still want to eat great food, but I want it quick and easy. Times like that it’s really easy to grab takeout. Unfortunately, this starts a vicious cycle of poor food decisions. I have an easy option. […]

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4 Unique and Yummy Chocolate Recipes

Alright folks, it’s busy here this week. Many recipe sites have been going crazy with the recipes. Instead of leaving you hangin’ for some weekend chocolate goodies to make, I’m including links to some great one’s I’ve found. OOEY, GOOEY, Hello Dolly Squares are at your healthy year. Jessica believes in the same food idea I […]

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Stay Sane Busy Momma

If school hasn’t started for you then it’s sure to start within the next couple of weeks. Here in my town we are starting on Sept. 1, with the first football game on Sept. 4th. Shit’s about to get all sorts of crazy around here. For me, it’s not as crazy as years past. The […]

graduation denial

Looking Back at Oldest’s Graduation

One huge reason I can never give up this site is all the posts about my family on here. My baby is a senior and this is making me revisit a lot of posts. Here is when I was losing my shit and graduation was really hitting me full force with the oldest…read Graduation Denial […]

age is a number

Age Is A Number

It always amazes me when I run into women that truly worry about their age. Not just joke about it, but truly worry about this whole getting old thing. I won’t lie, there are times it hits me. At 42 I think I’m statistically middle age. If I stop and think about that fact it […]

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Action Update, My Word for 2015

I’m working on Action. I promise. It’s bringing me out of my comfort zone and I’m still struggling. But I’m getting better! Procrastination is a major issue for me and always has been. I’m trying to pay attention to when I’m doing things that were not in my daily plan. If I choose something to […]

Shut Up, I’m Busy

For once I don’t care that I’m behind in a challenge that I so wanted to accomplish. There are more important things in life than getting a blog post up sometimes. I had this grandiose idea of what I was going to get done the last couple of days. I brought my notebook and I […]

spring break

Bring on Spring Break

It feels wrong that it’s spring break but the kid won’t be doing any traveling. However, I will be gone the entire week lol I’ll run around and enjoy spring break for him while he does some rehab for his hamstring and gets back in shape for track. I took the week off from fitness […]

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Awesome Val, Day 3

I told you a few days ago that I had joined a challenge to be more awesome. It started on April 1st but you can still join. Make it quick because she’s closing it down in the next day or so I believe. I’ve been working on being more positive. Not mushy, drive you crazy […]

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Tackling That Cluttered Closet

Closets are a blessing and a curse. They are a convenient hiding place for any number of messes when unexpected company shows up. Toss stuff in and shut the door. Out of sight, out of mind. Then the dreaded day comes when opening the closet door results in several purses, pillows or articles of clothing falling on […]