#operationME is in effect

I'm hoping that you will see a lot more of the picture I used to make that graphic. It was a great morning when I took it. I was up hiking Mt. Peak at 7:20am on a Saturday. Super thick fog everywhere but I figured the trees would keep the fog from being too thick on the road and I wasn't planning on … [Read more...]

Rolling With It

I'm truly getting better about just rolling with it. In the old days (ie before kids and when they were younger) I was a very unstructured person. Do whatever, whenever and no planning. Easy, lets do it. That's my natural personality. Then came high school for the oldest and her sports. This was … [Read more...]

Summer 2014 Recap – First Camping Trip

Well, here's how much fun we've had this summer...you haven't heard a word about it. Now you get to suffer through the slideshow. You better grab some alcohol, I poured wine so this could get long. Plus I'm documenting it for ME to always remember so if you tune out, well, whatevs … [Read more...]

Pissy, Cranky and WTF?

Here's the thing. My emotions have been sending me to cry recently. Thank you menopause shit. I've been a-ok with my anger and other emotions, just can't control alligator tears. But I guess fb wants to test me. Cause the last few days everyone is posting nothing but fucking whiny ass news. … [Read more...]

Vacation TIME!

It's time for our annual camping trip with our friends. We're loading that with a trip to the mountains. Life changed things and the boy is being drug off to the whole thing with us. Hey, better to learn this is how life works right? I can't wait to get away. After the day I had yesterday, I … [Read more...]

Race Training

It's time to get myself motivated. Last time signing up for a half marathon did it. Just signed up for a 10k on August 2nd.  6 weeks should be plenty of time to train. I mean, I started running again yesterday :) Honestly, it's the right amount of time. Yesterday was indeed my first day back … [Read more...]

Sleep Study Bullshit

Tons of build up here, are you ready for the drama first? If you don't know, I had a hysterectomy on Dec. 6, 2013. Forever date stuck in my brain. That night I hate horrible shitty nurses. Before shift change I had great one's and for the morning shift change I had some more good one's. But the … [Read more...]

Susie’s Savory Garlic Chicken

My friend Susie is a time management guru. In fact, you may have seen my post about the book she wrote Absolutely! Creating a Routine to Help You Keep Your Sanity in a Crazy World: Simple Steps to De-Stress and Organize Your Time? While the book is no longer free, it's super affordable. Easy … [Read more...]

Free Blogging Bundle for Moms

Just a quick message. Blogelina is giving away a huge  bundle of free blogging tools and resources.   Lots of great reading for the new or experienced blogger. Go grab it quick while it's free! I love her blog and she's the one that did my blog makeover ;) … [Read more...]

Using Anger To Push Productivity

Last weekend I was hit with a blow that hurt but I worked through it. Not necessarily the healthiest way, there was a lot of wine involved, but I moved past. It got me to look really hard and evaluate what I can and can't change. It got me to look at what I want and my feelings. That in turn … [Read more...]