25 DIY Thanksgiving Ideas

  I have had so much fun searching out Thanksgiving stuff. It makes me a little sad that we won't be home for the holiday so I can do some of them. Well, only a little because I'm excited to go hang out with one set of my in-laws. I have Mom's stuffing recipe but it's always better if she … [Read more...]

Pitch Perfect 2

  I'm so happy to know I'm not the only total dork that loves this movie. Hilarious thing is Pitch Perfect is NOT my kind of movie. I didn't watch it for many months after owning it. I bought it for my daughter because I knew she loved it. Then one night I watched it to see what the hype … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Worksheets for Homeschool

  Growing up, my Mom had a home daycare. I grew up with a lot of coloring pages and homeschool type stuff. Life would have been so much easier for Mom if the internet had been around lol There is so much to teach around the holidays and especially during Thanksgiving in my opinion. … [Read more...]

A Book Of Thanks

  Yes, I'm on a total theme with Just a Splash right now. After Thanksgiving it will definitely change to the Christmas lol I'm just enjoying the whole idea of the holidays this year. Most of us in the US will be getting together with family and friends next week. Instead of just a family … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Medicine Chest for Cold Weather

Cold weather brings with it a new assortment of potential ailments. Preparing your medicine chest ahead of time prevents emergency runs to the drug store. Believe me, you are already late getting it stocked up. I wasn't paying attention and we had a sinus cold go through the house 3 weeks ago. … [Read more...]

Start a New Thanksgiving Tradition

  I love talking to people about their Thanksgiving day traditions. You don't realize your tradition might be weird until many of those around you look at you funny. Of course, I love finding out that a tradition we have is unique. I found a fun article with some ideas to add to your … [Read more...]

Sequin Christmas Trees

  I'm going a little crazy this year waiting to decorate for Christmas. I know I can't start too early or I will be burnt out before the holiday even gets here. But good grief, let's decorate! Two years ago I got rid of a lot of decorations. Cheap, ugly stuff I'd had forever and held no … [Read more...]

Holiday Travel Tips

  When the kids were young enough to be a total pain in the ass while traveling, our 3 sets of parents all lived close by. YEAH ME! I know that's not the case for many. There are plenty of articles out there with the same tips for how to travel with your kids. I thought "Holiday Travel … [Read more...]

When Step Parents Rock

  I just looked and I can not believe that I haven't introduced you to A Sassy Redhead. Really? That's how neglectful I've been. Sharing stuff on facebook way too much and not here. I'm using the Just a Splash daily post to break that bad habit. I got an email update yesterday about … [Read more...]

Parenting As a Child Abuse Survivor

  I did not go through abuse, nor have I had many friends with this horrible past. I never thought of how hard it must be at times to be a parent when you are a survivor. "Parenting, an Unexpected Trigger" was an article that popped up in my google alerts and I felt the need to … [Read more...]